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Here are some pics.. Enjoy!

IMG_1393 copyHubby’s new friend is a much better photographer than he is.  I think my legs look pretty good in this pic.






IMG_1400 copy   And then after a few bad tries he finally got a good picture of both of us.

Things are going well with my hubby and his new friend.  Although somehow it’s been meaning more time out of the belt for me because that is what my hubby has wanted.  It’s not exactly how I pictured things going but I can’t complain.  It has still been lots of fun.  My period just ended today so my hubby wants me to put the belt back on.  We’ll see how long it last this time.

And I have more good news.  I got a gym membership this week.  Yep.. I’m going to lose weight so the belt fits better.  I was planning on just walking on the treadmill at first but hubby made me do some other work out stuff with him and my whole body hurts.  I am so out of shape.  I was supposed to go again today but I skipped going.  Oops!  I will go again this week though!

Not that this has anything to do with my blog but I finally got some new cute bras that actually fit, and new clothes, and got my hair done.  So I’ve been feeling pretty cute recently and I’ll have to post some new pics soon!  Maybe I’ll see if hubby’s friend can take some for me tonight.  Hubby is not the best photographer and I never like any of the pics he takes.  Maybe she can take better ones!

This past week has been crazy but amazing.  I know I previously briefly touched on the subject of cuckqueaning but later deleted my post because it was not well thought and I was just blabbing.  Well my hubby and I have talked about it a lot since then,  and last week we had a new friend over.  She came over a few times during the week and it was a lot of fun.  I was locked on and off but last night she locked the belt back on me!

Well I’ve been locked on and off since my last post.  If I wear the belt on the tightest setting I don’t have the chaffing issues but it is a bit tight.  I can get it on and locked but it’s not very comfortable.  So I obviously need to work on losing some weight.  I am currently unlocked due to my period but should be locked back up in a couple of days.


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I’m unlocked again due to more chaffing from the shield.  I need to figure out what the problem is so I can fix it.  I think part of it is from wearing the belt on the middle setting.  When I first got the belt I always wore it on the tightest one and this was never an issue.  I guess I’ve gained a little weight since then because the tightest setting is a bit too tight around the waist.  I think the middle setting is just a little too lose and when I sit or lay down the shield gets pushed forward a bit and rubs on my thighs. When I’m standing it’s fine.  So I’m going to leave the belt off for a couple of days then try again to see if I can figure out how to fix this!


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I was locked for a couple of days but my hubby let me out of the belt yesterday because I wasn’t feeling all that well.  I am still unlocked.

I’ve finally joined twitter because sometimes I have short little updates like these that aren’t worth blogging about.  So now you can see my twitter updates on the left side over there.

I’ve also added a little thing at the bottom of the sidebar to let you know if I’m currently locked or not and since when since that’s a common question that I get.


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My hubby decided to leave me unlocked last night after looking at my sore spots. After he fell asleep I decided to use my magic wand even though I knew he wouldn’t want me to.  Well it worked!  I had my first orgasm ever!  It was awesome!!! I woke my hubby up and told him but I don’t think he actually woke up.  I told him again today and he didn’t really believe me but he did ask if I wanted to try again tonight!

Well I’m unlocked now after about 60 hours.  I was starting to get some sore spots on my inner thighs and couldn’t get comfortable last night.  When my hubby woke up to get ready for work I asked him if I could take it off.  I finally got comfy and fell asleep soon after.


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I’ve recently found out about this fun little toy.  I REALLY want one!


Steelwerks Chastity Hood

It requires 2 horizontal hood piercings which I am ok with.  I’ve had a vertical hood piercing in the past.  But I think this would be perfect for times like when I’m on my period and I can’t wear the full belt.   I hope I can get one =D


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I’ve been wearing my belt off and on since I got my new part.  I’ve mostly had it on but I did leave it off the past couple of days.  My hubby asked me why I wasn’t wearing it yesterday and I didn’t really have an answer.  So he made me put it on last night and took the keys.  He told me that I’ve had long enough to get used to it again so he’s not going to let me come up with excuses to get him to unlock it.  I have no idea how long he is going to make me leave it on this time but I guess I’ll find out.