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First let me begin by saying that I am not a writer.  I never have been, and never will be any good at writing.  So please excuse all of my grammatical errors.

I honestly don’t remember when or how I first became interested in chastity, but it is something that I have been curious about for a few years.  I am not going to get into the reasons why I am interested in chastity (not yet anyway), but I do plan on sharing my experiences with you.

I’ll start at the beginning.  In June of 2011 I ordered a chastity belt from Locked in Steel.  Let’s just say that I would never recommend that company to anyone.  About 2 months later I finally got my money back.  Unfortunately the money was not used to purchase a different belt.  I was back at square one.

That brings us to February of 2012 – I finally ordered another belt.  It is the comfort system belt from My-Steel.  I opted for the hip style belt with the rear cable.  I was originally going to go with the rear chains, but I’ve been told that the cable is more comfortable than the chains and easier to keep clean.

My-Steel Chastity Belt

Comfort System Chastity Belt

My-Steel offers a payment plan option so I have made my first payment already and hope to pay off the rest of it before the end of the month.  If not, then I will make another monthly payment in March, and pay off the rest in April.  Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until my belt is finally here!